April 20, 2023

What does instax and makeup have in common? They’re both about capturing and cherishing the beauty of things, which of course includes oneself! So in partnership with luxury makeup brand, Make Up For Ever (MUFE), we conducted a makeup workshop to give participants an opportunity to learn beauty basics and to capture their best selves, through instax.

Twenty-one (21) lucky members from our online community got the chance to learn basic makeup tips and tricks from MUFE’s celebrity makeup artist, Japeth Mike Purog. 

As participants followed along Japeth’s live tutorial, they were also provided a wide range of MUFE makeup samples to test out and use throughout the workshop. 


What’s the point of getting all glammed up if you won’t take pictures, right? After all participants finished their makeup looks, they were given the fun and freedom to have a little instax photoshoot!

To cap off the workshop, we also held a contest in which participants had to decorate their own vision board with the pictures of their makeup looks taken or printed using their instax devices, and further unleash their creativity with an array of art materials for them to use. Congratulations once again to our two (2) winners of Make Up For Ever goodies and instax film!

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#DoItWithinstax is an ongoing series of monthly workshops for instax and non instax-users alike; for those who want to participate in something they already know and enjoy, and for those who wish to learn something new! 

Through this campaign, we want to let everyone know that whatever your lifestyle, hobbies, and interests, you can always do it with instax.

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