The INSTAX Mini 12 has arrived and is here to fill your world with joy!

April 20, 2023

As the evolved successor to the globally-popular mini 11 that was launched in 2020, the mini 12 is equipped with an “auto exposure function” and the ability to set to “close-up mode” with just a single twist.

New design and sweet colors

Left to right: Blossom Pink, Mint Green, Pastel Blue, Lilac Purple, and Clay White

The mini 12’s balloon-like design expresses all the fun that is jam-packed into the instax camera, which allows users to produce photo prints on the spot! The lineup of five pastel colors offers a variety of colors to suit each individual’s style.

Automatic Exposure

The automatic flash control remains to create beautiful images in both bright and low-light situations by automatically determining the correct exposure for a
given scene.

Parallax Correction

Close-up Mode Off

Close-up Mode On

This is the first analog instax camera to feature a function that prevents what is commonly known in the instax community as “Parallax Error”, wherein there are discrepancies between what you see in the viewfinder and the actual printout. All you need to do is just twist the camera lens to switch on close-up mode and voilà! Thisnew improvement can now allow anyone to enjoy taking close-up shots as intended, and worry less about misaligned or out-of-frame shots in film.

At a retail price of ₱4,899, you will definitely be filling your world, and the world of others, with joy!

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